Backyard Obstacle Course

Backyard Obstacle Challenge offers 45 feet of challenge obstacle entertainment in one unit. This inflatable play structure takes participants on a larger journey through tunnels, around horizontal and vertical pop-ups, with plenty of climbing and descending along the way! This sleek, low-profile Backyard Obstacle Challenge provides a bright, purple, yellow and red primary-colored theme and its arching design will attract attendees and keep them entertained.
This inflatable obstacle course can be an amazing centerpiece for an Indoor FEC or any backyard party. The inflatable play structure begins with a front-loading obstacle entrance, taking participants through tunnels and pop-ups to facilitate maneuvering skills and build confidence. The challenge obstacle then leads to an exciting front-exiting climb and slide, all to guarantee hours of enjoyable physical activity. Each inflatable play structure has mesh windows for easy viewing.

Dimensions: 45Lx13Hx10W

Backyard Obstacle IG5101Backyard Obstacle IG5101 (8) copy39 ft one piece obstacle (1) clean front copy39 ft one piece obstacle (8) clean back copy